I´m a whirl in the darkness cause my choice ain´t no good
You´re a fist in my nightmares when the awakening is too blue
I´m a leave in your backyard and a fly on your roof
You used up all my kindness to replace it with truth

I´m a ghost in your homeland, just a dot on your page
You´re a crack in my window when I look at my day
I´m the frame of your image and an inch of your bed
You´re exhausting my gladness to surround it with faith

Cause when you sparkle I pull
But then you hide from my first view
Lights become wires; your smile seems so hired
That thinking about money is like buying my own youth

You´re a girl on the dance floor when the music fades out
I am a glance at your backdoor when a whisper is too loud
You´re a drop in my ocean and a bug on my ground
I forgot all your laughing cause it has no more sound

Cause when I sparkle you push
But then I hide from your last view
Wires become harmless, my smile seems so hired
That thinking about money is like selling your youth

That´s why we´ll say…
The best advice for you and me should be not to believe or dreams
Our first commandment should be not to be free

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