Thought I was in a dream when we really first met
That is why I´ll always pray to wake up when I´m dead
Thought I was in a nightmare when you disappeared
So I tried to understand how you could be so real
Then I took a chance to fix myself
You could be my sun, but also the rain
Never mind, it´s just a game
I approach then you tell me “I just wait for a friend”
So I answer “No problem, we´ll pretend you´re my girl”
Then you stare at my face, say “He´s more than a friend”
“I don´t care”, I replied, “cause I´m more than a man”
When I heard your laugh
For the first time I knew
You were my kind, my light and my truth
Say goodbye to the blue
Don´t you forget about this: you´re the scar of my tears
Fifty years have gone by and I still can´t explain
Why you care for my health if my heart´s out of breath
When I ask, you just smile and pretend didn´t hear
Wish that we didn´t marry to do it again
Dear, hold my hand
God, save my soul
I love my fear
Though I fear my love
Please don´t let me go
Though I guess I´m in heaven I can´t really know
Cause my prize turns to hell if I don´t see you´re close
I only live when I dream so I dream we´re on top
Of that beautiful moment to which we belong
You looked so fine, pretty and young
I´ve just been born, so nothing´ is lost
For my future´s yours
Don´t you forget about me: you´re the scar of my dreams

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